Contemplating Yet Another Surgery For a Small Child

Pain is really hard for Kitty. Really. Really. Hard. And surgery inevitably causes pain. So the question becomes, “Pain now or potential pain later? Surgery or …?” A couple of weeks ago we made the umpteenth journey from “Smallville” to “Megopolis” for an appointment to check on Kitty’s physical disability. This time the doctor recommendedContinue reading “Contemplating Yet Another Surgery For a Small Child”

Death of a Parent and Counterwill-Based Attachment in Adults

A person with counterwill attachment may be able to “fake” maturity–right up to the point that their primary attachment parent dies. It was when Jack’s father died a few years ago that things started to go precipitously downhill in our relationship (although I now realize that there were definite problems before then). Jack refused toContinue reading “Death of a Parent and Counterwill-Based Attachment in Adults”

15 Second Lesson Plans

Helping Kitty build confidence as she explores the world of reading. Recently I wrote about how Kitty is learning letters and numbers in 15 second chunks. I thought it might help to explain a bit more about how I determine the content of those lightning-quick lessons.  Right now, Kitty recognizes most letters most of theContinue reading “15 Second Lesson Plans”

Validation and Intimacy

Once validation has been turned off in a relationship, intimacy is effectively over. When you can’t be open with someone or they can’t be open with you anymore, you can’t be emotionally or spiritually close to each other. We all have close and not-so-close relationships with those around us. I’ve spent an inordinate amount ofContinue reading “Validation and Intimacy”


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