Does My Child Have Developmental Delays and/or Disabilities?

Maybe, but I’m pretty sure Kitty just needs more time. She’s making strides forward and it’s likely that in a few more years she’ll be completely “caught up” in the lagging skills without any need for intervention. I’ve read that most, if not all, children who suffer ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences) will have developmental delays.Continue reading “Does My Child Have Developmental Delays and/or Disabilities?”

The Collection Connection

Children can experience separation any time your attention wanders away from them. It’s important to reconnect frequently. Both Deborah Macnamara’s book Rest, Play, Grow and Gordon Neufeld’s book Hold on to Your Kids speak of something they call ‘collection’. This is a connection obtained from a child before asking for a behavioral change. If thatContinue reading “The Collection Connection”


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